The Dog Chases After Couple’s Car Asking To Be Rescued

Sometimes pets come into our lives in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected times. Such was the case of a couple who found a dog while on vacation and the puppy was eager to make them his new family.

According to SWNS, Martina Russo, from Milan, Italy, and her partner Fil were driving through the Spanish countryside when they noticed a local man following them. It was a small puppy, seemingly eager to chase them: “We thought it was just a game,” Martina told SWNS, “but quickly realized something was wrong because it ran so fast and won’t stop.”

Sensing that the dog was in dire need of help, they stopped the car to give her some water and the puppy quickly became attached.

“We took her to the nearest village to ask if anyone had lost her, but no one had seen her before,” they shared. “We’re in the middle of nowhere, with no homes or other human life in the long run.”

“On the way back, we put her back where we found her, thinking she might know to turn around, but she followed us until we got to the truck.” The dog kept running after their car, and the couple realized that the dog might have been abandoned in the countryside.

Martina told SWNS: “We took her to the vet the next day and it turned out she wasn’t chipped, wasn’t spayed, was a female about a year old, very hairy and full of dirt all around eye”.

They continue to search for the puppy’s owner, but after searching the area and posting on social media, no one has come forward. After a few weeks, they concluded that the dog had no family and decided to adopt the dog!

The dog, now named “Moxie” is now a beloved member of the Martina and Fil family. “She is so sweet and funny, very naughty, loves our cats to be fair, she loves everything and everyone!” Martina said. “We love taking her on adventures, and she makes us laugh every day.”

Now, every day is a new adventure for Moxie. Great. Moxie definitely chose the right car to chase as she knew they would be the perfect cars to give her a new home. It shows that everything happens for a reason.


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