The Cat That Has Waited Her Whole Life To Stay Indoors, Is Now Living The Dream Life With Her Kitten

A family who owns a remote farm near Montreal, Canada, begins to find abandoned cats around their property, and the numbers increase over time. They pick up the roadside people and try their best to save them all. 

Soon they found themselves unable to care for the cats in need and sent out a plea for help. “Some cats got sick and others got injured in fights,” says Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Julie, an animal rescuer, took action as soon as she learned of the difficult situation. She noticed that one of the cats had blurry eyes and was covered in mats.

Julie was able to rescue all the cats and kittens with the help of humane traps, and transfer them to Chatons Orphelins Montréal. As it turns out, some cats are pregnant, including the one with cloudy eyes. All received medical care before being placed in the foster care facility. “The long-haired and cloudy-eyed cat is named Remille. It weighs only 1.3 kg, only skin and bones.”

After removing all the rugs and knots on her coat, Remille felt brand new and began to growl like a storm. “She had keratitis and could barely see outside of that eye. She also tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), but that didn’t stop her. He’s looking for attention and love.”

Remille nearly doubled her weight in a few days, and her personality was evident. “She has rested and regained a lot of energy. She is very hungry for food and pets,” Celine shared. “Her foster mother pampered her with all the attention she wanted, and Remille started to really enjoy life and have fun.”

The tabby cat went into labor one evening and gave birth to a litter of four. Three of them are extremely small. Despite his best efforts to save them all, the oldest kitten, Hardy, became the sole survivor.

Remille, who just turned 10 months old, is happy to have everyone help raise her kitten, as she is still a kitten herself. She keeps Hardy clean and teaches him how to play.

She has been a ray of sunshine since transitioning to indoor life. She is playful and affectionate, running after feathered toys and following her kittens around the house.

Between play sessions, she would get close to her human and get up close and personal with them. “She likes to snuggle up to us for cuddles. She hums and gurgles when she talks,” Celine told.

Kitty Hardy is becoming very active and curious. He has figured out how to groom himself and is learning to play by imitating his mother.

Remille showed the tabby boy ropes during the day and let him comfort her at night.

After months of trying to survive outdoors, Remille is so happy to be a kitten again in a safe, loved and pampered home.


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