The cat owner couldn’t hold her tears after learning where was her cat going, leaving her kittens

This touching story immediately spread throughout the world through social networks. It proves once again that our four-legged friends are much more merciful than ourselves.

Today’s heroine is the cat Mila. She lived with her owner. One day, her walk ended with bringing kittens.

Mila was a very attentive and caring mother but recently the owner has noticed that the fluffy leaves her babies and disappears for a while. Before that, she feeds the kittens, then she leaves and so on every day.
Once the woman decided to follow the cat to find out where she was going every time. But when she found out the truth, she couldn’t come to her senses for a long time.

It turned out that the cat went to the nearby forest to feed the newborn squirrels with her milk.
When their mother disappeared and how Mila found out about them, we don’t know. But maternal instincts didn’t allow her to leave the squirrels orphans.


Every day in addition to taking care of her cats, the mother cat also runs to take care of orphaned squirrels. The cat seems to understand that the squirrels need to be cared for and fed just like her own children.

However, taking care of 2 cubs with the cat is too hard, she can’t gain weight and have enough milk for the babies, so the mother cat has lost weight. Immediately after knowing the incident, the owner immediately took the squirrels home so that the mother cat would not have to go back and forth between the two cubs, she also took care of the mother cat to eat and drink more.


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