The Cat Found On The Concrete Wall Is Back And “Winning The Heart” Of The One Who Started Taking Care Of Her

After being discovered on a concrete wall, the cat made a full recovery and won the heart of the woman who brought him home. Little Wanderers NYC was approached when a cat was seen on a concrete wall in the Bronx and brought them to their attention (New York).

He was in bad shape, and was trying to call for help. Volunteers from the rescue team came to his aid and took him to the hospital. “Clayton is the name we gave him (because he was found on Clay Avenue). The veterinary team took him in immediately to stabilize his dangerously low body temperature and he recovered quickly.” Little Wanderers NYC shares their work.

According to the veterinarian, the kitten is about 8 months old and is very low weight and has a serious upper respiratory illness. Although it is physically weak, it still craves attention and tries to raise its head to be petted.

His condition was worsened by hypothermia, a severe upper respiratory infection, and sᴏʀᴇs on his tongue. Just hours after being rescued, he was resurrected from the brink of ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ.

Clayton was able to open his eyes and breathe easier after receiving essential treatment for anemia, pneumonia and countless other health conditions. A heat assist device was placed on his body to help him keep his body temperature at a normal range.

Little Wanderers NYC reported that “this kitten is so adorable that he purrs even when medical professionals only glance at him.” Based on his appearance, we believe he’s been outdoors for at least three weeks, if not longer. We are confused as to why no one has come to his aid since he is a real sociable cat. 

Since he suffers from many ᴜʟᴄᴇʀs  and esophagitis it is most difficult to feed the cat, a feeding tube will help him overcome the ʜᴜᴍᴘ and provide nutrients to help strengthen the immune system while allowing His upper gastrointestinal tract recovered. In the midst of it all, he plays and purrs. He’s the cutest guy you’ll ever meet.

As soon as Clayton was able to leave the hospital, he was brought home by Rebeccah L, a volunteer with Little Wanderers NYC. Despite the best efforts of the adoptive mother, the affectionate kitten still cannot attract enough attention from her mother.

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