The ᴀʙᴜsᴇᴅ dog that accidentally entered the backyard of a family found justice

A severely abused puppy accidentally got lost in the right backyard on Christmas Day. The poor dog was muzzled and broke both rear hips, but somehow, this dog managed to crawl to seek help from people. It looks so pitiful.

My family and friends were celebrating Christmas when a stray dog walked into the backyard. His mouth was sealed and severely infected, his face full of fatigue and pain.

We took him to an emergency animal hospital. Meet Chance, a four-month-old pit bull that wanders into the right yard of Michigan City, Indiana. Those present at the party were so kind that they named him “Chance”  because of how they found him.

Yes, he came into the backyard by accident. That’s why we think the name is so fitting.

Those who found him knew he was in dire need of medical attention, so they took him to the local vet. Chance’s upper lip was worn down to the gum line and needed dead tissue removal. He was foaming at the mouth and both hips were broken – he was likely stepped on.

It was a miracle when he arrived at the Samaritan’s house. But his treatment would be costly, so the vet contacted Sherri and she was taking care of Edwin, a decoy she was recovering from but immediately agreed to help Chance. She said, ‘Sure – we’re going to stand up for this guy. He has a will. We got the support’,” she explained to the doctor. “His personality really saved his life.”

Despite his injuries and abuse, this is a happy grateful dog who constantly wags his tail and eats well. He is currently hospitalized and has undergone one surgery to repair a broken bone and a skin graft to fix his mouth, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

He has undergone several successful surgeries and physical therapy since his rescue, but he will be “in pain” for the rest of his life and requires intensive care. Luckily, he found a home with a previously adopted family.


Richard Cope accused his abuser “Chance” was charged with multiple counts of cruelty to animals. He was later arrested by US police in Texas and sent back to LaPorte County. Cope had a long criminal record.

“Chance” he already has a family with parents and the best part is that he has an older sister who is almost the same age as him, they will be the best family and never too far apart.


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