Surviving the cold thanks to a mother’s love to protect her cubs by building a house in the snow, being saved by people.

As science advances, the concept of nature becomes less and less magical. One of them is the birth and the other is the beauty of a mother protecting her child. As ice and snow covered northwestern Minnesota, a stray dog searched for somewhere safe to hide his six puppies. The dog named Snowbelle is a miracle that happened and this is her story.

Snowbelle was found with her six puppies in the snow near Red Lake in the US state of Minnesota. A community member saw Snowbelle and her children in the snow and informed rescuers of their plight. It seems the snow around them has melted due to their body temperature.


The brave mother has stopped producing milk and her 3 week old babies are very hungry and cold. When it couldn’t find shelter, the dog dug a burrow in the snow and swaddled his puppies, trying his best to protect his small family.

Another community member assisted in getting Snowbelle and her puppies to the shelter. She placed Snowbelle in a crib with straw and blankets and determined that Snowbelle was so emaciated that her milk had been exhausted.

People are extremely surprised to learn that the puppies are three weeks old and they do not understand how they can survive in such harsh conditions. The whole family huddled together to survive the cold

But that’s not all of the story. Then begin the arduous work of raising them to health again. First, Karen had to take care of the puppies by making them what they call “puppy porridge,” a mixture of puppy formula and pate-style puppy food. . This takes up to three to four grueling hours. Furthermore, “puppies at this stage are extremely messy eaters, so the kennel needs to be cleaned up after each feeding. All blankets need to be changed after each feeding, so it creates a mountain of laundry. Luckily, Snowbelle is a great mom who keeps her puppies clean.”


Snowbelle must also be cared for to restore health. After a few days of safety and good nutrition, Snowbelle’s milk arrived and she was able to start breastfeeding on her own. During her time there, “Snowbelle had to learn to trust people and how we call her a pet.”

After an amazing recovery, the rescue partners find a place to stay for Snowbelle and her children.

Asha becomes Snowbelle’s new name she got. Most of them have been adopted with Asha and her 6 puppies waiting for their forever home. After all, a mother’s love is unconditional and Asha is no exception.

Hopefully the beautiful story doesn’t end here and it eventually comes to a really happy ending.

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