Studies Prove Your German Shepherd Loves You More Than You Ever Imagined

Imagine how amazing your life would look as your German Shepherd gazes at you with affection and admiration! German Shepherd love and affection is amazing… when you know the secrets to their hearts!

At Emory University, Scientists made a study about German Shepherds’ brains and the results were very sweet. They don’t just love their owners so much, they also see them as their families and seek emotional support from them more than any other dogs or people in the world.

The study revealed that their rewards center was activated by the owner’s smell, which means that they see their owner the same way as they see a treat. Moreover, they seek validation from us, and they only seek attention from their owner.

Also, they are also looking for emotional support from their owners just like babies do. When cats and horses are scared, they run away from humans. However, when a dog is scared, he runs towards his owner to feel protection and security. They are just like your babies, and they love you more than you can even imagine.

Do you want to know the secrets of how to make a German Shepherd love you! But, it’s easy to feel loved by your German Shepherd with these tried and tested tips that’ll have your dog anticipating your every word.

  • German Shepherd Love and Affection Signs
  • When you first get your puppy they are learning about you and how you will treat them in the future. Now is NOT the time to begin harsh punishment or rigorous, demanding training.
  • As a puppy, or even a new adult dog, show them your affection and attention so they understand that you are a kind and understanding person who wants to help them.
  • Never think you need force to train your GSD!
  • Bonding means your Shepherd wants to be with you, so do things that make your GSD shy away from your affection.
  • Increase the Bond with Your German Shepherd
  • Watch their behavior for signs of reciprocal affection; meaning they like what you’re doing
  • Stop at anytime your GSD seems upset or uncomfortable
  • Keep working through the different German Shepherd love steps to find one that works for you and your GSD.







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