Stray Kitten Found Alone on the Street Finds a Friend to Cuddle

A 2-week-old kitten was found wandering the streets alone. Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles has been contacted about a tiny tabby cat that needs to be rescued.

A 2-week-old stray cat was discovered in the cold with no mother in sight. She was taken to a shelter but they did not have the necessary resources to care for a bottle-fed kitten.

Alley Cat Rescue immediately offered to help and put the kitten in their care. “She was crying constantly and it took a while to settle down.” Kittens will meow non-stop until they are cuddled.

She needs a friend to keep her company, and the rescue team only knows the cat can help her. Their long-suffering foster Harrow, a senior cat, from life on the street, decided to give a useful paw.

He ran to him as soon as he heard the kitten’s meow. Noelle was so happy to have a friend that she snuggled up against him and purred like a hurricane. “Harrow grabbed the little tabby’s paw. His loud purr really calmed her down and comforted her,” the rescue worker said. “Noelle is steadily gaining weight and loves her baby bottles and playing with grandpa.”

With help from her feline friend, she was restored to her health and began to grow. She fits anywhere, and is super confident, likable, and playful. She politely requests dinner and rewards you with happy purrs. Her good looks, cuteness and personality Noelle was definitely born with it all.

Noelle is now ready for the next chapter of her life – a forever loving home. She has grown into a beautiful, mischievous kitten and can’t wait to share hugs with her own family.


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