Stray Kitten Climbs onto Cyclist’s Shoulder and Insists on Being Adopted

A stray kitten found under a car climbed onto a cyclist’s shoulder and refused to let her go.

Madison Kelly, a cyclist, was in South Chicago for a bike race four months ago when she ran into a stray kitten with no home to return to. “She was a lone cat. Some cyclists found her filthy under cars and carried her around looking for someone to take her,” Madison said.

Madison had just finished a race and was on her way to her truck when she saw them holding a kitten. As a cat lover who grew up with her best friend Kitsy, she couldn’t resist checking out the stray kitten. When they gave the kitten to Madison, the kitten immediately crawled onto her shoulder and decided it was the place to stay.

The kitten clings to Madison as if to declare her forever her human. “I didn’t win the race but did win the companionship of a stray kitten,” Madison said.

They named her Puig. “It means podium in Latin and climb in Catalan,” she added. Puig is eager to go home to his new family. She explored around the car a bit, but as soon as Madison got into the back seat, she jumped right into her lap.

Madison said: “As soon as we got in the car, she curled up in my lap and snarled. The kitten purred during the ride home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After a hearty meal and a warm bath, Puig is clean, happy, and loved”.

“Since then, she’s always wanted to be where I am and do what I’m doing,” Madison said. “Her personality is very playful and inquisitive.”

“She loves to cuddle but when she’s not cuddling she causes all sorts of mischief and fun by hunting for sponges and socks and storing them in unfamiliar places.”

“She hid a wet kitchen sponge under my feet while I slept,” Madison said. “My boyfriend and I often wake up with a collection of socks on the covers, presents from Puig’s night of hunting.” A few weeks later, they welcomed a new kitten into the family. Puig hugged her and started cuddling.

“Puig needed a friend to play with after Kitsy recently passed away (she’s been my best friend since I was six at 19) so we rescued another kitten, Waffle, in honor of him.” her name.”

Madison entered a race back in July and returned home with a kitten on her shoulder – a lifelong friend.

“Adopt a bastard and they’ll love you forever,” she said.


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