Stray Dog Who Begged People To Buy Donuts, To Fund His Surgery Cost, It Is Now in Heaven

Stray animals have to face different dangers like being h.i.t by a car. The story of Rex, a stray pet that marketed donuts to get his surgical treatment, went viral after his fatality. Rex, that was struck by a vehicle, was saved by Silvia V. in La Verdad Noticias. This young woman, without being responsible for her, took care of the dog that she found injured after being run over in the streets of Yucatan, Mexico.

Silvia began marketing empanadas and donuts by the assistance of Rex to purchase his d.rugs. Individuals started reaching Polígono 108 park to please Rex and also acquire donuts to assist him.
“I sell desserts to pay for my surgery,” is what was read on the poster next to a sweet drawing of a puppy.

Sadly, Rex’ health and wellness began worsening as well as he had to be taken urgently to the hospital as he would certainly not stop throwing up. Silvia V. took care of the furry boy after witnessing the accident. The woman took him to a veterinarian, who informed her that Rex, as she decided to call him, would need an operation to walk again.

Although Silvia has a big heart, her budget is not that big and she could not cover the expenses that the surgery involved. But the rescuer would not give up and she started a network campaign to raise funds and with everyone’s help, to be able to operate on Rex. So, Silvia started asking people to aid giving away for Rex as he invested tons f money for medication and food.

Sadly, after a few weeks of fundraising for the operation, the furry one did not resist.

Rex presented a picture of severe malnutrition and dehydration that complicated his situation and, despite having received support after going to an orthopedist, the dog was admitted to an emergency and his heart could not resist anymore. The furry man ᴘᴀssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ after many sympathized with his cause

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