Stray Cat Shows Up To Comfort Exhausted Nurse On His Break

Training to be a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for Ahmed Flaty. Not only is the schedule packed, but the hospital in Egypt where he is practicing is busier than ever.

When Flaty takes one of his rare vacations, he goes out in the sun and tries to relax. Recently, Flaty was sitting near the hospital when a feral cat approached him. It was almost as if she knew he needed some comfort and decided to help.

Flaty shared: “I was talking to a friend of mine in front of the hospital where we had a year of internship and I was talking to him when a little kitten approached me. She didn’t meow or anything, just looked at me, then climbed onto my lap, looked at me for a while, and then fell asleep.”

Flaty couldn’t believe the brave animal had a chance to approach him. Maybe she needed a little consolation, too. “Stray animals in Egypt are often treated very badly,” says Flaty. “So a kitten or a dog coming to a human in this way, especially without any food involved, is very strange.”

The trained nurse lay still while the cat held him and slept on his lap for about 15 to 20 minutes. When the little stray decided its job was done, it got up and left.

Flaty immediately felt better and prepared to head back to the hospital to face whatever came next. Flaty said: “I worked 12-hour shifts for 20 straight days but that cat made it all seem like nothing”.

Flaty would love to adopt a dog or cat, but his busy schedule doesn’t allow him the flexibility to give an animal the attention they deserve. He hadn’t seen the stray girl in the days since their cuddle, but whenever he went out to rest, he kept an eye on her.

“Honestly, it was really the best moment of the year,” Flaty said.


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