Stranger Sees Little Boy Stopping To Hug Some Street Dogs On His Way To School

On a gray day in Grozny, Chechnya, a boy named Ibrahim made the world a little brighter, showing us what a child’s unconditional love can be like. A neighbor from a nearby residential building posted that the boy was seen lovingly hugging and petting a pair of stray dogs on the sidewalk.

Apparently, he was on his way to school when he spotted the pair of puppies chilling out with each other. He could have kept walking, but instead he decided to say hello in the most loving way possible. He seemed to be enjoying his sweet time with the puppies, but decided it was time to go.

He was about to leave, but turned and lunged at the dogs for a second love. He took a few steps forward but quickly turned around. Standing still for a moment in contemplation, he couldn’t resist the pull of the dogs and rushed towards them, hugging and stroking his four-legged friends.

The boy received many compliments from strangers as well as friends. Katerina, a family friend, said that “in his true spirit, his selflessness and generosity, was a very kind boy”, it was hard not to rejoice at the sympathy and compassion is shown

He didn’t know he was being watched, but a stranger in a nearby building happened to watch it and record hugs. You can even see the child walk away at one point before turning around and right back for more! Those who know the boy say this is true of his character, he is a very kind and caring young man.

The boy stopped and gave them a loving hug to let them know that they were not alone in this world.

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