Solitary Kitten ‘Speed Bump’ Auditions Plush Buddies in Foster Care

After sending her latest batch of adorable adoptions to find more adorable homes, Deborah from Chicago adopted a week old kitten, later named “Speed Bump”.

The adoptive mother chose this name just because it’s cute. We’ve shared stories of kittens in Deborah’s costumes with cute names, Underoo, and Underpants Bunch in the past.

In this case, the kitten seems to live up to its name, being a bit slow to hit the kitten milestones. She needs a best friend, but until she meets another foster kitten, she will stick with her stuffed animal friends. And, the kitten gave the impression of a speed bump too!

Here’s a sweet shot of Speed Bump that shows off her best impression. Speed Bump the kitten pretends to be a speed bump on the sofa. Sadly, the little girl was left alone after her brother died at an Indiana shelter. However, she is short-tempered and very gluttonous, and Deborah considers her “pure perfection”. She’s making micro cookies and baby cookies while rolling around in the incubator.

The Speed Bump has an orange patch on its face and a bit of white on its belly, but the rest is melon, hence the “fake fabric”, as its adoptive mother humorously put it. Deborah was emotional as she watched the baby devour 12 ml of formula from a syringe despite weighing only 150g.

Speed Bump meets new Furriends Plushie, as Speed Bump is a lone kitten, the foster mother and her daughter want to give her company until she can be safely paired with a kitten. First, they gave her a small velvet ghost for Halloween, crocheted by her daughter. She also has a stuffed toy in the incubator, which can have the same heartbeat and warmth as a Calmeroos cat.

Then the kitten meets more plush friends at the babysitter’s house for a weekend. Speed Bump looks at a stuffed toy at the babysitter’s house. When Speed Bump returned home, she brought her favorite stuffed mouse home.

After that, the adoptive mother introduced more luxurious friends to the kittens. In the meantime, she continues to search for another foster kitten to rescue. Speed Bump seems to love each plush friend, so it’s unclear who won the audition. When he was four weeks old, Speed Bump’s strange pursuit began to work. She would stare at her adoptive mother and roll over.

She’s a little different because she’s an only child, with no siblings teaching each other “how to raise cats” as they grow up. Either way, she’s perfect the way she is. The two bonded kittens love each other even more as they grow faster. In a flash, a family adopted them together and they will be together forever.

The foster home was quiet again, and Deborah recalled the “little kitten-sized gaps” on the couch beside her. But she knows that kitten season is coming and needs to be ready to save more kittens to come.

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