Small Kitten With Big Eyes Finds New Family After Being Rejected By Mother.

When Guinness was born, he was the smallest of all his brothers. He was so small and weak that his mother didn’t think he would survive, so she rejected him in the first place.

But the young Guinness was determined to survive, and with help, he was even able to thrive. An animal rescuer from Florida, Beth Walden, volunteered to give Guinness what he needed and help him grow strong and healthy.

When she first met him, she was shocked by his small size, it was three weeks old but looked like a newborn baby.

Guinness fits in Walden’s palm, and he needs round-the-clock care. But despite being small and needy, he has a strong spirit and is willing to fight for his life.

To do that, he desperately needs Walden’s help. And she was willing to give it to him. Walden gave him formula drop by drop, as he struggled to latch on and suckle from the syringe, while doing everything in her power to help him grow. She takes care of the kitten day and night and wholeheartedly hopes that it will have enough strength to grow and develop.

Guinness is slowly getting stronger and getting further and further away from the brink of ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ, but Walden is still very worried about the little cat. Guinness had a serious eye infection that she worried that his eyes would be permanently damaged. But Guinness’s health continued to improve, and soon it became apparent that the little cat would pass away.


After a while, Guinness was strong enough to drink formula from a syringe and the hungry kitten suckled continuously until its little belly was big and warm. Guinness loves Walden to every fiber of his body and he loves to cuddle Walden in his lap and take a nap when he’s finished eating.

Walden’s love for the kitten is growing and he can melt hearts with just one look. Although Guinness is getting bigger and stronger, he is still very small for his age. But there is nothing small in his beautiful eyes.


After Guinness recovered from an eye infection, he dazzled Walden with his large eyes. Compared to his small body, Guinness’s eyes look impossibly deep and large, like two peaceful lakes. When Guinness was healthy and old enough, Walden introduced him to her kitten, Mr. Tiny Pants.

The big cat quickly became Guinness’s number one hero, and Mr.Tiny-Pants took his responsibility as a role model very seriously. He always took care of little Guinness and taught him all about how to be a cat. Now, Guinness can do many “big cat” things, like using the litter box and eating solid food.

Guinness is still very small for his age, but his small body is full of joy, energy and zest for life.

He is quite a little trickster and loves to prank his dear family. He also loves cuddling Walden and falling asleep feeling loved and safe. “He likes to rub his face in the comforters,” says Walden


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