She Thought Dog Was Full Of Bɪᴛᴇs Then Νet Looks Closer And Calls The Police

Sadly, there are many people who should not be allowed to own or be near animals. Several years ago, Hayden Howard noticed something was wrong with his dog. Her English Mastiff Jackson played in the backyard while she was indoors. When she called him in, it looked like he was being bitten by an insect.

But when she took a closer look, she realized that the truth was much worse. Jackson was in fact stuck in the bullet hole.

“I was completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think,” Hayden said. When she realized that Jackson had been shot, she took him straight to νet. When Set checked Jackson, he found a series of small bullets fired from the BB gun. There’s one stuck under the eyelid, one in the ear, one in the knee, they’re everywhere. So much so that the pack had to shave most of Jackson’s fur to remove the plastic cover. He removed a total of 27 bullets and was forced to leave 20 bullets in place.

In addition, νet also found 20 more bullet holes in Jackson’s small body. He was sʜᴏᴛ more than 70 times. “I have never seen an animal get sʜᴏᴛ so many times. It was an extremely bad case and sad to see,” said Assistant Superintendent of Police Seymour Craig Hayes.

I don’t understand how one could do something so dangerous to a dog, especially when the dog has never harmed anyone. It is suspected that the shots came from a nearby yard and police are closely following the suspect. It didn’t take long for them to find the ammunition and the gun hidden in a neighbor’s house. In addition to a BB gun and ammunition, police also found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in his home.

I really hope the person responsible gets a long prison sentence and pays for his crimes. I truly believe that when they go out, they will never be able to get close to an animal again. According to Hayden, despite the serious injury, Jackson is recovering well. Although BB guns and pellet guns are often referred to as “toys” or “fake” by some news outlets, these are real guns that can do real damage.

When a crime is committed with a BB gun or a bullet gun, it is important to consider what exactly that is. It’s a real gun, and criminals using it against innocent people should be charged as such. I really hope that Jackson makes a full recovery soon and that he can play happily in his backyard again.

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