She Crawled Down The Street And Got Drenched In The Rain. Waited For Help For Days In Front Of People’s Eyes

It is important to act quickly to save an animal because a threatened animal is often associated with an emergency. When they came across an abandoned dog in the middle of a rainy day in Venezuela, the Fundación JR Rescata crew rescued it.

Before volunteers arrived to try to save her, she was helpless and hopeless for hours. The dog, which appeared to have been dragged across the ground all the way, was completely drenched, with his wounds, torso and legs covered in mud on the harsh morning.

She was also sick and feeling very cold, and you could see the distress in her eyes. Fortunately, this is only the beginning of the rescue, so she no longer has to fear. To get her to the vet, they gently loaded her onto the truck. Once there, they dried her from head to toe, washed her wounds, and showered her with the love she desperately needed.

She also presents herself a little better when the dirt is washed from her body; in fact, she doesn’t object to casual caressing under these circumstances. They decided to call her Polly because she seemed confident.

Polly gets all the help she needs to survive, along with food because she hasn’t eaten in a long time and needs more energy and strength. Luckily, she happily accepts it, and though she needs help.

She went out the next morning to walk around and defecate on the porch, which is a positive sign that he’s recovered!

Much better health and better care is now possible thanks to the rescuers and carers who have done this miracle. Volunteers are heard saying in the film, “Polly is growing up little by little, she’s a good, good puppy.”


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