Service dog receives honorary degree with owner at graduation ceremony

Is there anything dogs can’t do? They make us happy, help us sleep better, even keep us safe. Now, the exceptionally well-behaved and intelligent pet dog has even graduated from school and received a university diploma. A service dog named Griffin Hawley was recently awarded an honorary diploma from a university in Potsdam, New York state.

Brittany Hawley graduated this weekend from Clarkson University in upstate New York, but she didn’t receive her degree alone, but her faithful service dog Griffin Hawley also joined and received her diploma this honor.

Griffin Hawley is a golden retriever who has helped with basically everything in the life of Occupational Therapy student Brittany Hawley for years. He was specially trained to do everything from opening doors, getting her things, even assisting when she examined patients during his internship. Both are pursuing 100% science diplomas. occupational therapy

If that’s not a good boy, I don’t even know what is.

After all their efforts, Brittany Hawley is finally about to receive her diploma from the University, but she feels that it will only be fair if Griffin gets some merit as well. She petitioned the university to recognize his work and, perhaps surprisingly, they agreed.

“I urged him to graduate from Day One,” Hawley said. He did everything that I did.”

So when Brittany walked across the stage to receive her diploma, she brought Griffin with her as always. He put the document in his mouth. It doesn’t matter if he understands what’s going on, it’s still great.

The university said it had agreed to honor the 4-year-old dog because it demonstrated “extraordinary effort, unwavering commitment and a diligent dedication to student happiness and success.” Hawley, the owner, is very grateful. 

Hawley, a 25-year-old student from North Carolina, has reflex sympathetic dystrophy, chronic pain, and is in a wheelchair.

She also suffers from anxiety and depression due to her health condition, another part of life is having an adorable dog like Griffin to help her out. Griffin helps her with almost everything she does, he turns on the lights, helps her get things she can’t reach, whatever Brittany needs to do, if it’s within his power. will be there to help.

Brittany said: “I wouldn’t be able to do without him. I’m so used to him being there.”


Griffin is finally getting the recognition he deserves so it’s only fair for him to be recognized. Without Griffin, Brittany wouldn’t have earned her degree as a good dog, Griffin!

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