Senior dog found curled up outside in a blizzard has been revived

Last week, when the temperature dropped below freezing, a pit bull named Emmy was alone outside and. Abandoned by his owner’s family in Ecorse – Michigan during a blizzard, the scared dog has no choice but to curl up in a ball to keep warm and hope someone will see him.

Fortunately, rescuers discovered Emmy when a thin layer of snow covered her fur. Animal rescue board member said that. “It was a blizzard like two F-speeds with winds of 30 minutes an hour.”

Emmy is currently in the care of P.O.E.T. Rescuing the animal but rescuing her is a team effort consisting of multiple agencies coming together to pick her up from outside the snow and take her to a vet who can provide medical care for her when she’s sick. he needs.

An animal rescue organization first learned about Emmy and immediately posted a call for help on social media. Then, the director of a local veterinary clinic “PAWS Clinic” saw the post and suggested forwarding the puppy warning to the vet. She took Emmy to the Lincoln Park Pet Care Clinic, where a veterinary team gave her a thorough examination.

Emmy lost a lot of weight. Everyone assumed she wouldn’t make it. In addition to being underweight, Emmy also has chubby cheeks and a skin disease on both her elbows and knees. The vet team estimated her age to be around 8 or 9 years old. She may have been imprisoned for a very long time, it’s certain that Emmy doesn’t have a good past.

After a closer look, they decided that Emmy needed to go to the veterinary clinic immediately.

Lifeguard Boesen said: “Some of their board members skipped everything to pick her up at the vet and take her to the emergency clinic. They said she was just spinning in a ball in the back of the car.

Just hours after being rescued for the first time on a snowy road, Emmy was taken care of by a team of emergency veterinarians. The goal is to get her body temperature up since she’s still freezing, and take care of her wounds.


Within minutes, the emergency vet team had a crush on Emmy.

They say she just cheered up and she is a sweet girl, she always welcomes those who come to take care of her by wagging her tail.

Emmy’s temperature has stabilized and she’s ready to go to the foster home, how much has she grown in just 24 hours of being rescued Emmy has stepped up the ladder with her tail. “She greeted us and then started crying for the others while stroking her.” She felt at ease immediately.

Boesen can tell that Emmy is ready for a loving home and an experienced foster family is waiting to welcome her into their family with open arms.

Although her foster home was temporary, Emmy received the love she always deserved.

In a few weeks, Emmy will be adopted again, and Boesen hopes that her next home will be the one she lives in forever.

“She is the cutest girl and she deserves the whole world”

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