Safety first ! Adorable moment a dog named Kaia is seen wearing a seat belt in his owner’s car

Labrador Kaia, 8 weeks old, was caught putting safety first when he was strapped in while being transported around Clovis, California these past few days. The golden retriever is shown in the passenger seat with her legs propped up below the seat belt, while one of her paws rests casually above her head.

Linda Rendon and her boyfriend with puppy Kaia are conscious of their safety

While most dogs can’t resist climbing on top of the driver, this “Andrex pup” sits calmly in the passenger seat wearing a SIZE with his paws raised in the air. The fluffy puppy heading towards the front looked out of the windshield while her human companion looked at her and smiled.

The ‘safety first’ caption is written in a split second. Alyssa Rendon, sister of owner Kaia, shared: “My sister took this well-deserved photo for me but I feel it deserves more views’. and The girl uploaded it on social media in the hope that people will also spread the message of road safety.”

For added cuteness, the dog is fastened in place with a seat belt in the photo. In less than a week, the photo received more than 1.3 million likes and 400,000 retweets and even celebrity endorsements.

People have given this dog many compliments ‘So cute’. It was a magical moment. You can see the pride etched into its owner’s face as he glances at the puppy, which is oddly but lovable, raising his legs to the sky.

Kaia is very grateful for the love of the fans. Another photo from Life Is Famous shows Kaia sleeping on the floor so cute. The way his little legs lift up amazes me. Everyone looks like a bunny.

The famous dog also now has its own Instagram page called Safety First Puppy, where its owner shares snaps with hundreds of followers.The famous dog also now has its own Instagram page called Safety First Puppy, where sharing photos of it by the owner attracts hundreds of followers.

I’m Kaia, an eight week old yellow lab and it looks like I’m famous now, so you should follow me sometime and tell me what happens next. So happy that this makes the whole world smile.


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