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It might sound cliché, but almost all dogs simply want to give us unconditional love. Innocent and true from the time they’re born, they look to us to give them the best life possible and will adore us in return. However, people do not always reciprocate the affection of dogs.

A non-profit team that has been saving dogs in Romania called Howl of a Dog found the lovely stray dog named Remy. He has been waiting everyday in the same place for someone with a good heart to take care of him. The rescuers met him during their spay-neuter campaign in the rural areas of Romania.In rural regions in Romania, dogs are most of the time kept only as guarding or protection “tools” and not as family members.

The owner of this house sold the home and left his dog behind on the street. As for Remy knew, this was his home and his family would be back. He has been waiting, more patient than anyone else to wait for his master to return But they would not return.

He sat waiting by the entrance growing sadder and more concerned with each passing day. Rain or shine, he patiently waits at the gate of the house in the hope that his host will return.
Sadly, no matter how patiently Bianca waited, there was no chance of seeing Eugenia again. The innocent longing that the poor dog has for the owner makes the people around him even more pitiful. Along with a friend of Eugenia, the neighbors around took care of Bianca.

Remy has been left to fend for himself since, despite his friendliness, no one has provided him a home. During their stay, they attempted to find him a home in the region, but no one was willing to take him in. It’s a good thing the rescuers opted to keep him and began looking for a family for him outside of the rural area.
Soon, he’ll be ready to start looking for a forever family. Though it is sad to think about the fact that some people would abandon their own pup, it’s uplifting to think about all the wonderful people, like Remy, who are working hard to make sure that these mistreated animals get the love and care they truly deserve.

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