Sad Dog Cried All Day Because He Missed The Cow That Raised Him – Dog Moments

We’ve seen some cute and unexpected animal friendships, such as a pit bull whose best buddy is a chicken and a cat who believes a young goat is its biological sister. A brown mom cow and the little puppy she raised are the inseparable couples you’re going to meet.

Rookie is a cute little dog who lives on a farm with a bunch of other animals. After Rookie’s mom passed away shortly after giving birth to the puppy, the cow raised the orphaned puppy on her own. They lived, ate, played, and slept in a farmer’s barn for two years.

However, raising two cows is too much for the farmer, so he was forced to surrender the brown mom cow to another farmer who lived nearby.

As soon as the farmers came to take the cow away, Rookie started crying. The rookie couldn’t stop crying over his cow friend and even shed real tears. His soulful cries are heartbreaking to listen to. The dog is in mourning over his friend and doesn’t understand why they can’t be together like they’ve always been.

In the end, the farmer changed his mind and decided to keep the cow for the sake of the puppy who loves her. The dog’s so happy that he can’t contain his joy and wiggles all over the place. The cow is equally happy to see him and even lays down to snuggle with the little red pup.


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