Rest In Peace Kitten Scrabble. You Took A Part Of My Heart With You.

It’s been a tough day, but there’s nothing like Scrabble after a shower to help lift  spirits. Scrabble and Clue are the cutest but also the messiest kittens. The boys had had mysterious diarrhea for a week, struggled with mutual and self-feeding behavior, and needed baths two to three times a day.

Their saving grace is their appetite and strong will, but fluids, probiotics, and pills also help.

They are separated unless supervised, but self-feeding behavior is presenting as a challenge to manage. Scrabble tried to wriggle out of kitten socks and sweaters.

This little man is going to the vet tomorrow for two things:

A few weeks ago, when he was a sick, cranky kitten found outside, he had a terrible self-feeding disorder that I tried to prevent with a suit of socks and paper plate hats. He had

shower 2-3 times a day while we figured this out, sucking took a toll before I could stop it and this was weeks later we were dealing with scar tissue that made peeing difficult.

His front paws were scaly and blistered for no apparent reason. Rear foot pads are good. The only thing I can think of is the reaction to the clay-based non-clumping litter he is using. So we switched to paper but he is still being checked to make sure the wound will be fine.

So that’s the Scrabble update. There will be another update when the vet looks at him tomorrow! The good news is, he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him and is still a goofy kid. Just get him through these final hurdles.

What was supposed to be an examination and the possibility of scar tissue removal ended when it was discovered that Scrabble’s entire urinary tract had been scarred to the point of destruction and beyond repair. After discussing the options, our team of veterinarians decided that there was no way to continue giving him a quality life. He ᴅɪᴇᴅ.

I didn’t post a lot of Scrabble and Clue because they surrendered to the emaciated, sickly heartache, filled with urine and faeces from suckling that happened in their former home. I fought and they fought so hard for a sane place. For it to end this way is beyond ᴅᴇᴠᴀsᴛᴀᴛɪɴɢ.

His brother Clue is coming in on Monday to make sure he doesn’t have a urethral stricture as I fear for him.

Rest in peace You have taken a piece of my heart with you.


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