Rescuing cats from a garbage sorting plant in Russia receives the title of “Vice Minister Of The Environment”

A cat trapped in a plastic bag and miraculously rescued by a Russian waste plant worker was appointed assistant to the country’s regional environment minister last Wednesday, in the last days of the year. It’s a miracle on the eve of the new year!

The rescue went viral in Russia after surveillance video of the moment went viral on social media.

The moment was recorded when the cat was rescued by a factory worker from a plastic bag tied on a conveyor belt to the surprise of himself and his colleagues. 

According to official information published, the veterinarian who treated the cat said it was healthy and well-nourished and growing very well.

Furthermore, the cat was most likely a house pet before being mercilessly dumped in the trash, which begs the question, who is the real animal here? The owner or the cat?

Speaking before the cat’s former owner, Russian Minister Gulnara Rakhmatulina said,

“If you can’t keep an animal at home, you can always take it to a suitable shelter.”


The Ulyanovsk region’s environmental affairs ministry said it will take care of the rescued cat and will make it an honorary deputy in charge of wildlife protection. Thankfully, it’s just an honorary position and not an actual one, otherwise it would be a cat!

The department also announced that they will be starting a contest to name the rescued cat.

To the worker who found and rescued the cat, Mikhail Tukash, he was presented with a letter of thanks by the regional environment ministry. Mikhail said the cat didn’t meow and the bag didn’t move when he found it. He called back,

“I need to cut the bag to screen the metal. I’m just doing my job.”

Thankfully, Mikhail found it because if it moved in the conveyor belt, the cat would be crushed immediately. Now, Mikhail not only saves a life, but also becomes the cause of the cat becoming a kidnapper.

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