Rescuers Thank Their Supporters For Changing The Lives Of Struggling Kittens

Tinsel and Mirepoix are two of thousands of cats and kittens struggling to survive outside of the Brooklyn area. Thanks to their rescuers and supporters, these two special kittens made it through. Rescuers said their story had a great ending.

Thankfully, many kind people are helping the rescuers at Flatbush Cats TNR (trap, castrate, return) the cats and treat the cats that are suffering. TNR helps prevent unnecessary suffering in many ways. The rescue force is also planning to set up a new affordable veterinary clinic in NYC that will save thousands of lives.

Rescuers from Flatbush Cats found Tinsel, a cute gray-and-white kitten, as he was trying his best to call for help. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to spot him hiding beneath giant shipping containers. When Tinsel went out to get food, they found him tilting his head, often a sign of a serious ear infection. The discomfort and pain continues without veterinary care and the infection can spread.

Pretty Tinsel “turned around” in the rescue, and thanks to donations, they helped him get treatment for a middle ear infection. He quickly adapted to life as a foster kitten, playing as he recovered, rescuers found an adorable three-legged tabby.

Mirepoix is shy but friendly, wanting to be petted. But he is trying to survive on three legs due to an old injury to his leg. People living in the area have been trying to help him for a while, based on his friendly behavior. Neighbors think an animal injured the kitten, taking away its right paw and most of its leg in a fight.

After the examination, Mirepoix needed a specialist surgeon to amputate his entire leg to avoid further injury and infection. The energetic baby has also recovered from the surgery and is able to enjoy life as a playful, pampered domestic cat. Flatbush Cats thanks their supporters for their donations to help save Tinsel and Mirepoix.

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