Rescuers Save S’mores the Kitten and Siblings After Fireworks Scared Off Their Mama

The cutest kitten “S’mores” has a swirly, lightly toasted marshmallow-like swirl on its face. Her pale blue eyes are lifesavers who say she is a “typical Siamese diva who is loved and admired by many.”

Although this lovely little girl is leading a wonderful life now, S’mores and her siblings have had a traumatic start in life. Volunteer rescuers from Southern California at CAAT, shared the story of S’mores, her sister Apple, and brothers Delta and Houdini earlier this month.

During this year’s fireworks, S’mores’ mother ran away and someone found the abandoned kittens. Kittens lost their mother to fireworks. Reports of pets getting lost tended to be highest on that day when they were trying to hide.

The kittens are about 9 weeks old, but S’mores is small for her age. “S’mores are very pretty. She was very small at 9 weeks old because she was stunted but has started to gain more weight.”

Although small, S’mores is a playful and active kitten. As a little diva, her favorite thing to do was “find a pile of bedding and turn yourself into a little throne area to watch the people around you”

S’more’s sister is Apple, a “wild child” calico. She is closely associated with S’mores; so they hope to adopt the kittens together when they are ready. When a kitten was rescued by fireworks, they had a humorous way of describing her pursuit: “This beauty is Apple! She’s S’mores’ wild sister! This girl is a firework! She has playful energy for days. She is fearless and loves to play with her siblings and toys.”

Next up, the kitten’s brother Delta is a “complete love bug” and “little teddy bear” is very affectionate. Meanwhile, brother Houdini is a cute indoor leopard that has lost part of its tail, but that doesn’t bother him and adds to his personality.

It looks like S’mores and Apple are ready to go home at the end of the month. Unfortunately, applications for Apple and Smores failed because they didn’t feel they could give the cats enough time with their new work schedules, so they’re now being supported for adoption.

At 10 weeks old, S’mores is growing up and rescuers are sure she and Apple will find the right home together. In general, they will be happier and healthier by going home in pairs or with other cats or kittens.

Thankfully, S’mores has found a home that she will have friends to play with. And someone will be very lucky to bring home Apple, Delta, Houdini, as well as so many other cute kittens.

Unfortunately, there are always kittens in need of rescue. Rescuers everywhere hope one day their cats and kittens won’t have to suffer. You can help support their efforts in many ways.


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