Rescuers Found Kitten Through a Fence and the Kitty Was Not Alone

In May, rescuers from Alley Cat Rescue worked on a TNR project near the North Hollywood subway station in Los Angeles. While there, they spotted a small kitten poking its head out through a hole in the wooden fence, but she wasn’t alone.

As it turned out, the kitten was staying with his siblings and they all needed medical attention. Rescuers rushed into action and brought them to safety.

Meeps, the weakest kitten in the litter, was clinging to it with all her might. Her eyes were sealed due to the infection.

Desiree Stapley of Alley Cat Rescue said: “They were very sick and needed multiple courses of antibiotics to treat persistent upper respiratory infections, eye ointments, eye drops, GI medications, probiotics and treatments. treat many types of parasites. Meeps was the smallest and sickest and we don’t know if she survived, let alone seen again.”

The kittens are in foster care with wonderful volunteers. Over the next few weeks, they receive 24-hour care to help with their recovery. Meeps needs more care for her eyes but she never complains and cuddles her caregivers after every meal. She growls like a storm, snuggling up against her sibling in the car. Their soft, warm beds – they’re happy to have a safe place to stay after a rough start.

With a roof over their heads, the proper care they need to recover, and lots of love and hugs to go around, the kittens begin to improve, gain weight, and stay healthy. “It takes an entire village for these kittens to be healthy.” Meeps surprises everyone with an incredible will to live and has developed a lovable personality.

She has the most amazing personality, especially after all she’s been through – daily eye drops for months. She was cleared by the ophthalmologist at VCA last Thursday. Her eyes look great.

Meeps and her siblings are almost three months old and have grown tremendously. She’s still the smallest cat, but what she lacks in size, she definitely makes up for with personality.

The little kitty family is getting ready for the next chapter of their forever loving home life. Meeps from a blind kitten to a beautiful girl with bright eyes.


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