Rescuer Finds Dog Buried Up To Her Neck — Then Realizes She’s Not Alone

Earlier this week, while working on a remote farm in Turkey, veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a distant sound he couldn’t ignore. It was a desperate sound, like a cry for help.

“I immediately ran to the spot,” Büyümez said. “There was a landslide. I saw a dog stuck in the ground. Only her head remains on the ground.”

The dog had an accident. But, as Büyümez will soon find out, she is not worried for her life.

Büyümez said, The first time I saw her, I was very upset.

He knew he had to act. Quickly grabbing his shovel, Büyümez began digging.

As Büyümez moved the soil trapping the dog, another sound hit his ears. The sound is weak but unmistakable.

Büyümez said: “I heard the cries of the puppies. “They’re underground.”

Once the first dog was safely taken away, Büyümez began digging again to save his pups.

All told, Büyümez saved seven pups that were buried alive after their underground burrow collapsed – much to the relief of their worried mother.

Thanks to Büyümez’s quick wits, the furry family is now unharmed.

Büyümez believes that the lost mother dog has survived in that desperate place on her own. But now, she and her children will no longer be alone.

“Their general condition is very good. The mother dog and her cubs are protected,” said Büyümez. “I’ll take care of them like my own.”

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