Rescue Neglected Dog Was Covered by Millions of Giant Ticks Made Him Cᴏʟʟᴀᴘsed

Dogs are mostly born with wonderful hearts. No matter how bad their situations are, they are still affectionate and compassionate creatures who will never let anybody down.

It was just this Sunday when Megan Sienkiewicz was scrolling through a Facebook group for rehoming animals when she saw this gut-wrenching picture.

“A woman was literally begging for a new home for a dog and I saw a picture of a very emaciated, wet dog,” Sienkiewicz said.

Sienkiewicz is a medical coordinator for Friends Forever Animal Rescue and couldn’t say no. Off to Auburn, she went.

“I was looking for the house and I saw a woman in a camp chair holding a dog and it didn’t even look like a dog,” Sienkiewicz said.

Valentino will be in the clinic for a long time until his values will stable and he can have a calmer life, when he walks he gets tired very quickly, gets dizzy, and fatigued.

“Seeing him in clear recovery gives us a lot of joy, but we still feel so much pain, anger, and impotence to see how they abandoned him to die alone in that corner.” Said Alicia Jiménez.

One week later, Valentino overcome difficult times.

“He sat alone next to my husband @juls_aleman looking for his caresses and little by little he relaxed and lay down under him.” Said Alicia Jiménez

Clara has a long road to recovery ahead of her but she’s now doing it with a wag of her tail, a sparkle in her eye, and a strong will to live and be loved.


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