Rescue Kitten Sisters, Lilo and Nani From Shelter To Paradise.

This is the ultimate update on Lilo and Nani, two rescued kittens formerly named Clock and Hickory. Silver tabby kittens and their beautiful mother Goose survived thanks to rescuers Jen the Kitten Agent and Wrenn Rescues in southern California.

The mother goose and her litter were locked in a shelter and malnourished and sick. But thanks to their rescuers who survived, Clock and Hickory found a common home. That’s when they became Lilo and Nani, “Kitten Ohana” named after the sisters from the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Ohana means family, and family means no one is left behind, is a quote from the movie. The sly watch, the Clock with its oversized ears and eyes makes everyone fall in love. Underneath, she looks like “a mood” that Jen suspects will inspire a lot of funny memes. So what happened to this curious kitten and her sister?

Capturing the kitten was later named Lilo Clock. This happened shortly after arriving from the shelter. As it turns out, Lilo and Nani have gone from shelter to paradise, living with a cat and loving couple Tiki. They have everything they could want, including 10 beds to snuggle up to wherever they like.

Their new mother was heartbroken over the loss of 19-year-old rescued cat Willow, but six months later she saw Clock on Instagram and fell in love.

This is Lilo and Nani celebrating their first new year. As you can see, they’re closer than ever and Lilo still has those amazing cartoon yellow eyes and oversized ears that are “criminally cute” as her mom put them.

The two sisters still like to make big spoons and small spoons, cuddling each other. Lilo also loves to hug her mother, the more cozy the better. “I feel so lucky to have these girls in my life,” She said. Nani also likes to be very comfortable. These two love to pose with stand-out humor everywhere.

We’re happy to see that Lilo still looks like a meme waiting to happen. Happy little girl is living the best life with her best friend. They snuggle up all day, enjoying comfort, warmth, and love.


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