Rescue Kitten Get Sight And Surprise Rescuers With His Beautiful Eyes When Finally Opening Them

When Carmen Morales Weinberg adopted a sick and injured cat named Cotton, she couldn’t imagine the amazing journey of recovery it would take as she rescued this adorable kitten.

Rescue kitten of six-year-old Cotton had lived on the streets and was not only weak and hungry, but crippled by scabies. The parasitic mites had covered his face with scales and robbed him of the ability to use his eyes. The poor cat is completely blind and has struggled a lot trying to feed himself without being able to see anything.

Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project Inc, understands the terrible fear and suffering the poor cat is feeling and is determined to do everything in her power to help him. Weinberg set out to restore Cotton’s weight and health, while helping him get rid of scabies. The mites caused him a lot of discomfort, but with the help of antibiotics, Weinberg was able to clear the scabies little by little.

Weinberg also applies various creams to Cotton’s sore skin to further treat scabies and to help relieve pain and itching. Gradually, the combination of antibiotics, ointments, love and care produced a marked improvement in Cotton’s quality of life. “We could see his tense body begin to relax as the days went on,” says Weinberg. “He was finally able to rest without scratching too much.”

Weinberg is happy that Cotton is finally feeling better, but she doesn’t know how effective the treatment is. That is until the unexpected happens: Cotton opens her eyes. When Cotton first opened his eyes, Weinberg was surprised. Not only is she surprised that the poor little cat can still see her, she also thinks that scabies has kept him blind for life, but that he also has beautiful eyes. Cotton is revealed to have heterochromia: his eyes are two different colors. One eye is a beautiful hazel and the other is a beautiful blue.

After regaining her eyesight, Cotton is happier than ever. And he knows that Weinberg is his new-found source of happiness. Cotton would follow Weinberg with love in his beautiful eyes, and Weinberg couldn’t help but return that love. Although she originally intended only to restore and nurture Cotton, she realizes that his place is now with hers.

Now, Cotton has found his permanent home with the woman who gave him his eyes back, and he can finally live a happy, loved, and pain-free life.


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