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While it’s sweet to see the adorable pups basking in the warm water baths, it’s heartbreaking to know the story of how they got there and why it’s necessary that they be cared for in this way. If you’re considering getting a pet, think about adopting a dog in need first. It might even mean the difference between saving their life.

In 2014, DFW Rescue Me saved three puppies dumped in a garbage bin before they got ᴅ.ɪ.ᴇ . They were all been found in critical condition, so a warm bath was crucial, to regulate their body temperature. The orphaned 10-day-old pups require adequate care and nourishment to grow, including warm baths to regulate their temperature. The video of a 10-day-old puppy receiving a warm bath—in the sink!—is too cute for words, and even more meaningful knowing that he has been rescued and is safe now.

When volunteers at the DFW Rescue Me from Texas, found these puppies, they knew they had to hurry if it is to save their lives. Thankfully, the kind-hearted people have done their best and put those tiny balls of fur at safety. “Two new bottle babies,” the rescue wrote. “Found in a bag in a dumpster. They were supposed to be ᴅ.ɪ.ᴇ …Now safe, with full bellies.”

Even though the puppies are temporarily safe, they still require a lot of attention and care. Even so, their chances of survival remain very slim as living without a mother from that early age sounds nothing short of impossible. Nevertheless, the devoted people at this Dallas-based rescue, went above and beyond to keep them all alive.

They explain: “It takes a very special person to foster bottle babies. It isn’t just a matter of feeding them every 2 hours and keeping them clean. You pretty much have to do it all. We try to make it as close to a mother’s care as we can get. Never a replacement, but as close as we can come. Warm baths help.”

You see one of the puppies can be seen lying on his back in a caretaker’s hands and enjoying a very comforting bath. Though watching the sweet scene is always heartwarming, thinking how these innocent souls got there in the first place, makes you wonder how some people can be so heartless!

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