Police Remove Socks And Shoes To Rescue The Scared Dog Hiding In The Dark Tunnel

Officer Joe Brazil was always ready to help and he didn’t think twice about saving a helpless dog.

Peggy Edwards posted her story on Facebook, where it quickly became famous. We were all touched by the story because it was so heartfelt.

Her story involves Joe, a cop from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It all started when a car sped up a cute but scared Yorkshire terrier puppy. And the dog immediately ran away and entered a tunnel.

Peggy started sharing her story on Facebook that a small dog was running free and was frightened by a passing car. It hit a tunnel through which a local creek ran. She gets stuck about 20-25 feet in and clings to the edge.

She was reluctant to help the little dog even though her instincts told her to. At this point she had an idea but was afraid of scaring the poor dog, causing him to retreat deeper into the tunnel.

She called the Woonsocket Police Department immediately and she got help. Moments later, Officer Joe Brazil appeared and was ready to help. The brave officer was ready to help when Peggy later described what had happened.

We’re glad he was able to save the young girl and Peggy said: “He dived without a second of hesitation and emerged with a very wet and scared little dog.”

Before going through the tunnel to save the little dog, the kind officer took off the dog’s shoes and socks. WJAR NBC10 was contacted by the officer, who reported: “As I got closer I could see Cece just clinging to one side and shaking”.

The officer took great care not to scare the little dog further into the tunnel because she was too scared.

The next thing he did was amazing! Once close enough to the frightened dog, he let Cece follow his fingers a little deeper into the tunnel, then he picked her up! Brazil told WJAR NBC10, “She seemed to know I was there to help. It seemed like she was saying thank you.” The adorable dog seems extremely loving and grateful to the attractive cop who saved her.

Michelle Perez, Cece’s owner, is delighted to have found her dog; According to her story, her mother-in-law gave her the adorable puppy, but the next day it escaped!

She is only five months old, Perez said in an interview. “I couldn’t sleep. All I did was drive around and contact her.”

Thanks to Peggy Edwards and kind officer Joe Brazil, Cece was saved from the terrifying tunnel and reunited with his master. We are all relieved that Cece has been saved and turned back into what she was!

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