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Orin is a photographer who loves traveling and animals more than anything else in the world. Since he travels so much, he doesn’t have his own dog or cat yet. And so, he always makes sure to take photos of the animals he sees while he’s traveling!

In April 2019, Orin went on a trip to Istanbul. He was amazed by how many stray cats there were and how friendly they were to him.

Can you imagine how cute this might be?

“If I stood in one spot for just a few minutes, it was guaranteed that one would come running to be stroked… and then soon after, another! I believe it is a reflection of the warm hearts of the Turkish people, who have taken it upon themselves to care for these animals, feeding them and even building them adorable houses,” Orin said.


While walking at the Bosphorus Canal, Orin saw two lovely cats cuddling each other. They were completely inseparable, and it was clear they loved each other deeply.

“One day, I was strolling the Bosphorus Canal, and I saw something I’ve never imagined possible: two beautiful cats just cuddling each other, inseparable. I’ve never seen any cats, let alone strays behave like this. As I quickly snapped photos, I wondered if anyone would believe this animal friendship wasn’t staged but then, who could ever possibly pose cats like this? Who would even try? Life’s too short for that!”

Orin posted his photos of the cats, and they quickly went viral. Everyone loved seeing these affectionate cats, and nobody accused Orin of staging the photos. After all, everyone knows that cats can’t be forced to do anything. They’re always going to do what they want!

” Needless to say, I loved Istanbul and can’t wait to return. I miss the kind people, the delicious food, and of course, the little furry ones. I wonder if some of them, too, miss me back. Aw. Hehe. “ Orin said.

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