Photographer captures a very exceptional moment of bird bathing in a flower petal – Animal

Even though life might be dull at times, we sometimes encounter momentous, once-in-a-lifetime events. Rahul was also fortunate enough to see one such uncommon occurrence, which he could photograph. Rahul Singh is an exceptional wildlife photographer. He’s been able to acquire a plethora of fascinating images of numerous animal types.

A photographer from India – Rahul Singh is known for taking various pictures of birds. On his Instagram, @rahulsinghclicks, you can see numerous pictures of colorful birds.

But once this guy caught once-in-a-lifetime series of photos that immediately went viral. It was a scene where a bird was bathing in a flower petal.
It was an ordinary photoshoot when suddenly he realized that a sunbird is taking bath in the water-filled into the flower petal. It was a very exciting scene so Rahul took several photos keeping his finger pressed on the shutter button of the camera.

Everything appeared regular until a crimson sunbird started bathing in the water contained inside a banana blossom petal. Rahul was taken aback when he saw this amazing scene. The banana flower has red petals and is a petaled flower. An early morning shower caused the water that had gathered on one of its petals.

“Everything was going as usual when, suddenly, I was shocked that the crimson sunbird started taking a bath in the water stored in the banana flower petal.”

It is obvious that the birdy enjoyed the bath. The man explains that in autumn days are hot in that place and evenings are mild. In the mornings, dew water is found on the top of the grass and in flowers.

“I was literally stunned to see this unusual behavior, I kept my camera’s shutter button pressed as the bird took her bath.”


He was clearly ecstatic to have been at the right place at the right time to capture this magical moment.

“This was really a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” said Rahul. “It’s amazing how nature can surprise us.”

It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Because Rahul was taken aback by the sight of the little songbird bathing and performing this strange behavior, he kept his camera’s shutter pushed down. Afterward, this great photographer shared these images on his Instagram account.

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