One-Eyed Hairless Kitten Stitch So Grateful To Be Saved, She Can’t Stop Cuddling Her New Family…

A young woman adopted a small Sphynx with an eye ɪɴᴊᴜʀʏ. The kitten was so happy to be loved that it hugged its new mother, purring like a hurricane. Stitch arrives at the veterinary clinic with an injured eye. The little sphynx is in need of a lot of help.

The tiny hairless kitten suffered an eye injury, but was never properly treated until it gave up. The “eye” should have been cured with medication but her breeder didn’t take her to the vet for treatment. When it got worse, the breeder abandoned her and the vet took her in and performed sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ to remove the eye as it was originally too late to be saved.

They couldn’t save her eye but they saved her life. Stitch was given a tiny sweater to keep warm. That makes her a very happy kitten and she keeps snuggling in her caregiver’s lap, showing so much gratitude to everyone at the clinic.

Ermahgerd learned about Stitch’s story and came to visit her. She fell back because the kitten was too sweet and it was “lightning love”.

This is their first meeting. Stitch snuggled into his human friend purring and fell asleep in her arms. They know the cat that chose her to be human forever. That day, she left the clinic and headed to her beloved home. Little Stitch immediately felt at home.

They introduced her to a very special friend, the Alaskan dog, and the two got on really well. It didn’t take long until the two friends started cuddling like two peas in a pod. “In the past, Alaska (my dog) would follow me everywhere, including toilets and showers. Now, there are two…Stitch climbs to the top of Alaska and falls asleep. That’s time. I know they’re best friends for life.”

Since that day, the two have always been together, completely inseparable.

They want to be together, no matter what they’re doing. “Stitch brought a lot of love with her.”

Alaska loves her hairless sister dearly, and Stitch has become her most loyal friend. The one-eyed cat has not only found a place to call her own, but also a lifelong friend who will be by her side every step of the way !


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