Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim on a Powerboat

Swimming with a whale shark is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that people come from all over the world to do. It is something on everyone’s bucket list! Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean, growing up to a possible 18 m long! Ningaloo Reef plays host to these amazing animals every year from March until August, it is the only place in the world where they congregate so predictably in such large numbers.

A Whale Shark Swim at Ningaloo Reef is a giant tick off your travel experience and dream destination bucket list!

Whale sharks are completely harmless to humans as they filter feed on plankton and other microscopic organisms. Here on Ningaloo Reef, we are lucky to be able to enter the water with them on a daily basis and swim alongside them as they cruise about the reef.

Ningaloo Discovery’s team is incredibly experienced and passionate about interacting with these animals in a wonderful, respectful way and we want you to join us! Ningaloo Discovery offers guests a whale shark experience on board a large, custom fitted, shaded, and spacious 56ft powerboat, INVESTIGATOR. She has been extensively refurbished to offer two huge areas of seating and viewing for guests and easy, direct access to and from the water. Her upper deck sits almost 5 m above the water and boasts 360-degree viewing for spotting all the amazing wildlife we may encounter, while her lower deck is well protected from the elements should it get a bit windy and is extremely spacious and comfortable. A lounged area in the cockpit also offers sheltered wildlife viewing options. With the use of our very own spotter plane, our pilot will direct us to whale sharks and any other marine life spotted from above.

Swimming with a whale shark in their natural environment is an extraordinary experience, one not to be taken for granted, and as such is conducted with the utmost respect to the whale sharks. Ningaloo Discovery will do absolutely everything possible to have guests swimming in the water with a whale shark! Whale Shark Swim Tours from Exmouth are rated as the world’s best practice. We operate under extremely well-managed guidelines to ensure we can continue to enjoy being in the water with minimal impact for years to come.



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