Nᴇglᴇctᴇd dog spent six years stuck in a corner until someone finally saved her

Ducky was crouching in the corner of a room full of animal waste when Elli, the founder of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, first met her. Ducky spent at least six years in that corner. She shares the room with more than 20 other creatures. She has never been petted or loved, and she has never had a chance to run and play like a dog should.

Elli said: ‘When I entered the bedroom, I noticed her in the corner, her little eyes just staring at me for help. She looked at me and said ‘Please get me out of here!’

That’s just what Elli did. Elli took Ducky to the bathroom to clean up immediately after being rescued.

She had to shave to remove the thick carpets of hair growing on her body. Elli added: “She literally came to life as soon as we pulled those rugs out.” Ducky’s mood was clearly lifted as well. Ducky was overjoyed to be at Elli’s house, which also has four other big bitches, as she previously lived in a house with lots of pets.Elli was worried about Ducky’s reaction to the unfamiliar environment, but it turned out to be “a miracle” .

“She walks in and you can quickly see signs of relief in her because she loves other animals,” says Elli. There is an instant connection. Not so much with me as with my animals.”

Elli finds out that Ducky is really scared and apprehensive after spending some time with him. Ducky, on the contrary, grew up in confidence and learned to trust more with some love, kindness, and guidance.

“Ducky’s personality has evolved considerably since we first got her.” Ellie commented. “She started saying what she wanted and just playing and she became a happy girl with other animals.”

Elli couldn’t be happier. Ducky She’s making great strides, Ducky will be adopted once she completes her training, the best family for Ducky will be someone who will always take care of her needs.


Ducky will benefit from a home with other animals as well as a patient person and will provide Ducky with the care she needs to overcome her obsession with abandonment.


It’s amazing what a little time, patience and lots of love can do! This dog deserves the best that life has to offer.

And it looks like Ducky is well on his way to having the life every dog wants!


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