Mystery Sea Beast Weird ‘Dolphin-Like Creature With No Eyes Or Fins Washes Up On Mexican Beach’

A weird dolphin-like creature with no eyes or fins washed up on a Mexican beach, according to reports. Fishermen near Destiladeras, a renowned surfers’ beach, told local media that it may have come from deep in the Pacific Ocean. The stranded beast, which had a weird tail similar to an eel’s, was discovered near Punta Mita, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, on the Pacific coast, according to Tribuna De La Bahia.

Many people were supposedly surprised by its dolphin-like head and sharp fangs, yet it lacked flippers. According to Tribuna, the “weird creature” was discovered and “created an uproar on social media” and among neighbors. A group of persons wandering along Destiladeras beach was said to have found it. It was initially thought to be a dolphin until they drew closer and realized it was something completely else.

For example, the animal lacked eyes, causing locals to speculate that it may have originated deep in the Pacific Ocean, where no light penetrates and eyes are not required. According to Bohemia, no local fisherman interviewed by local media recognized the monster. They did, however, reveal that near Puerto Vallarta, there is a marine area hundreds of meters deep, close to an area known as Mismaloya, which is said to be the home of the unusual species.

Nobody has been able to identify the strange animal thus yet, according to local media. It’s the latest in a long series of strange sightings of scary creatures from the depths, with Sun Online recently reporting on a Russian fisherman who often finds alien-like catches in the Norwegian and Barents seas. In 2018, an unusual creature with mottled black-and-white tentacles washed ashore on an Australian beach.

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