Mother Dog Up To Protect Her Newborn Puppies After Giving Birth Amidst The Rubble

A puppy in India has been rescued after a passerby contacted the shelter Animal Aid Unlimited, having found her and her puppies at a construction site.

Abandoned dogs carry a heavy burden on their shoulders, which is made even more difficult when they have to take care of their cubs on their own. That’s why this furry animal, tired of surviving on the streets, collapsed amid the rubble of a construction site after giving birth to puppies.

Although she no longer had the strength to get up and move on, she still nestled her puppies between her legs to protect them from any threat, she weakly sacrificed her life for them.Fortunately, she was not harmed in any other way. A person who saw her in this condition contacted Animal Aid Unlimited, who immediately came to the rescue.

The bewildered, desperate mother almost collapsed after giving birth on the construction site. We were delighted that a sensitive passerby called us to help her carry her newborn babies and we rushed them all to the hospital so that she could recover from the trauma of such a difficult birth.

The babies are now very healthy after the mother rested for a few days. We will sterilize her when the kids are old enough to be weaned.

Her future changes for the better from moment to moment and she will now receive the quality of life she has always deserved, along with her children, who… won’t have to go through the hardships she has to endure.


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