Mother Cat Brings Her Ill Kitten To The Hospital, Medics Rush To Help Them

When the poor cats are ɪɴᴊᴜʀᴇᴅ, their mothers don’t know where to take them. Animals can’t do the waltz in the hospital for help like we can. Well, at least not all of them can. Recently, published photos from a hospital in Istanbul show the opposite.

Recently, photos taken at the emergency room of a hospital in Istanbul caused a stir on social networks. Photos shared by Merve Özcan on Twitter show a mother cat carrying her sick kitten to a human hospital. Paramedics can be seen surrounding the poor mother cat and petting it.

Fortunately, the people of Turkey are known for their love and respect for stray animals and they have provided the cats with the help they need. The kitten is fine now and doesn’t need a CAT scan anymore.

The mother cat brought the sick kitten to the hospital, and the doctors rushed to help them. They were shared by thousands of people on Turkish social networks and liked by more than 82,000 people on Reddit, the story has warmed many hearts. pressure. In photos shared on Twitter, a kitten is carried by its mother to a human emergency room. Merve Özcan, who originally shared the photos, wrote: “We were in the emergency room of the hospital today when a cat lunged at her with her kitten in her mouth”.

The photos that caused a stir on social media showed medical staff gathered around the cats

Turkish media reported that paramedics intervened immediately and examined the kitten for obvious health problems. The mother cat follows her pups around and doesn’t let her out of her sight. While the kittens are cared for, the mother is fed and given milk

After the intervention of human doctors, the two cats were transferred to a veterinary hospital. Fortunately, both cats appeared to be fine, but were still taken to the vet just to make sure that the mother and kitten duo were in good health. The event appeared all over Turkish news and social media

People on Reddit praised the medical staff and hospital staff at the Istanbul hospital for their acts of kindness. Some also remember their own stories of people helping animals in need. 


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