Mother Cat And Kitten Cling To Each Other After Being Rescued From The Street And Refuse To Let Go

This sweet cat and her kitten have been through many hardships together, but their love for each other has kept their spirits strong. Now, things are finally starting to go well for this couple.

Rosa was living as a stray with her two young kittens when she was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles.

Rosa was spotted wandering the streets for a while before finally being rescued, as the attentive mother is wary of humans and proves to be a very difficult kitten to catch.

But in the end, according to media reports a local animal rescuer, Chris, caught Rosa and her children and with the help of Wrenn Rescues, the small family was brought into a foster home.

Jen Marder, who volunteers for Wrenn Rescues, has agreed to foster Rosa and her kittens. Marder cares deeply about the small family and tries to make the sly stray dogs feel as safe and welcome as possible in their new home.

She wants Rosa to be able to relax and trust that she and her kittens are safe at last. However, despite Marder’s best efforts, things got off to a heartbreaking start. Two weeks after moving in, the youngest kitten passed away.

It was too small and weak to survive and even with treatment it could not be saved.

Rosa was of course grieving, but instead of giving up hope she chose to put all her strength into keeping her remaining kitten, King, loved and safe. The grieving mother embraces her remaining child and gives him all the love he could possibly need.

And King thrived under his mother’s loving care. She is getting bigger and stronger and becoming a charismatic and mischievous kitten.

Rosa continued to pet him as he grew older and always made sure he was okay. Sometimes she even forgets to eat because she is so focused on the King, but Marder will wake up to make sure to bring her food and water. While Rosa is enamored with King, Marder is also enamored with Rosa. And while King grew stronger and rowed, Rosa’s confidence also increased.

She begins to trust Marder and begins to enjoy her new life. She became friendlier, more sociable and now she is a happy and healthy cat.

Rosa is still keeping a close eye on her hyperactive kitten and it’s clear that the pair are attached for life. “It’s one of the sweetest mother-child bonds I’ve ever seen,” says Marder.

Rosa and King’s love for each other has carried them through the dark times and now they are finally safe and able to enjoy life.

Now, they are looking for their permanent home and hope to be adopted together so they never have to be apart.

We are sure that they will find a wonderful family and live a long and happy life together.


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