Mostaccioli, the Emerald-Eyed ‘Mustache Panther’ Born in a Garden

A kitten with a bold mustache reminds thousands of fans of Groucho Marx, Freddie Mercury or Frank Zappa. She is known as Mostaccioli and has thousands of fans since she first appeared on Instagram in December 2020.

Most people probably know her because of her resemblance to Freddie Mercury, the frontman of the iconic Queen. According to his longtime assistant, it’s fitting that he’s a cat lover and the cats “are his family.”

Mostaccioli’s fans sometimes ask if she’ll appear in a version of Bohemian Rhapsody, technically, Mostaccioli has a “double mustache” with a similar marking on her right foot. “If I put this foot on my face, I’ll still have a mustache.”

Mostaccioli (nicknamed Mosta) is now almost 2 years old (at the time of this writing) and has equally cute siblings.

They all live in sunny California. Izanami’s face is hilarious while Mostaccioli is a precious angel. Mostaccioli was born in a garden. Although it looks perfectly painted over, Mostaccioli’s mustache has been there since day one. However, her mother Natalie didn’t realize it at first. She discovered the kitten among four in her mother’s garden, as she told Bored Panda. They were drenched and covered in dirt.

A small wild cat gave birth in the garden. Carefully, Natalie caught her, keeping the cat family safe inside her home. Later, Natalie discovered Mostaccioli’s cute mustache and knew she would be a “failed adoption”. It was amazing to find a kitten with such a funny sign, and Natalie was mesmerized. But the kitten’s three brothers have found other perfect permanent homes.

The kitten has extremely photogenic emerald eyes that look like a cartoon cat come to life. Look how pretty those green eyes are, they also have striking black toes. Just a beautiful and unusual cat in every way. Mostaccioli’s cute signs resemble another famous kitten, Charlot, the mustached cat from Portugal. He lives with Olivia, a gray kitten rescued on the street.

Charlot was adopted after being born on a family farm. His name comes from Charlie Chaplin’s character in Portugal.


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