Mom In Tears When Finding Her Dog S.ᴛ.ᴀ.ʀ.ᴠ.ɪɴɢ After Being Stolen 2 Years Ago

Two years ago, Linda Harmon’s beloved dog Maz went missing from her yard.

Maz had been a bit of an escape artist, known for digging tunnels under the fence. At first, the family thought he might be playing hide and seek and would be back home before dinner time. However, the dog was not able to return after that. Linda’s family searched everywhere, but there was no information about Maz – it was as if Maz had just disappeared.

Two years later, Harmon still unstops searching the neighborhood, making posters, posting on Facebook, and checking with the local animal control to find Maz.

As the poor dog’s photo started to go viral, a call was received from a woman who suspected that the dog might be her lost dog which was stolen from her backyard two years.
A day, a woman who had been following Maz’s story on Facebook reached out to Harmon via text. She said, ‘I’m so sorry to send you this, but I found your Maz. He’s been hit on the side of the road and here’s his picture,’” Harmon told. The woman sent Harmon a photo of the dogs, and there was Maz’s little scar.
She was asked to come to see if the pooch can recognize her. We can see the reaction of the depressed dog when the woman was reaching him.
At first, the pooch was awful, but he held her hands and stood up on his back legs to have a closer look, after recognizing her face and smell.
As soon as they opened the gate, Maz turned the corner and ran straight to his mom. It was as if he remembered every minute they had spent together, and the two years apart faded away.

“He couldn’t stop wiggling — oh my goodness — and he just jumped on me,” Harmon said. “Then he laid his head in my arms and looked me straight in the eyes as if he was saying, ‘I gotta see that this is really you.’”

Soon everyone watching the reunion had tears in their eyes — including Harmon. Now, Maz is home safe and sound with the family that loves him!

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