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Dogs are GOD-given gifts to man..they are so SPECIAL! They normally display their protective side in specific scenarios, like home intruders, or saving an animal other. 

When the dog called Loie was missing for more than ten hours, his owners were very scared they didn’t know where he might be
He always played in the neighborhood or near the house. That’s why the family got scared as he was lost for a long time. But some hours later the dog came back feeling exhausted. But the family got surprised when he came back with a heartwarming note around his neck.
The smart sheepdog Louie lives with Marolyn Driver’s parents’ farm in New Zealand since he was a little puppy. When he was a few weeks old, he was a cheerful and curious pup full of energy, who liked wandering around their property, exploring their neighborhoods.
But when he grew up, his daily routine has changed, he started to hang out around their house. That’s why, when one day, Louie didn’t appear for several hours, his parents started to be concerned about him.

It was exactly that day when Marolyn decided to visit her parents, she found them in a deep worry. But, happily, after some hours, the dog returned home with a strange note around his neck. Louie looked exhausted and dirty.

The family thought someone would harm him. But they calmed down after reading the handwritten note. The note was from Rob, who wrote that Louis is his hero, as he led him to his dog Maddy, who was stuck under a branch pile.

Rob was the family’s neighbor farmer, who had a dog named Maddy. Soon they found out what happened to them.

That day, Maddy was missing, too. Her owner Rob started to look for her everywhere, she could be. But the searching gave no result. Coming back home, he encountered Louie, who insisted Rob follow him.

When Maddy was missing too, Rob started to look everywhere, and finally, he met Louie, who was insisting to follow him. Rob trusted the dog. Soon, he led the owner to his dog who was stuck under the bushes and branches.

After being rescued, the family was concerned about his state, but the next day, when Louie saw his friend in a basket on his owner’s bicycle’s back, he miraculously, recovered and started to play with his friend Maddy.

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