Meet The Giant Oarfish, The Longest Bony Fish In The World

The giant oarfish, which has been known to reach up to a whopping 110 feet (36 meters) long, is considered a deep-sea fish. Giant Oarfish Facts Most notably, the incredible Giant Oarfish ranks as the longest bony fish known to man.

Known regionally as the “Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace,” it’s commonly believed the animal is a harbinger of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Oarfish are the likely source of sea serpent myths that sprung up over centuries across most maritime cultures around the world. Those fortunate enough to have seen them at the sea surface have noted their heads sticking out of the water as their remarkably long bodies slither along below.

Scientists recognize a total of three species within two genera, yet this remains the largest of them all.
Many researchers also believe it to be the origin of many of the supposed sea monster sightings. That occurs primarily due to the combination of its distinctive shape and way of moving. However, man has known of the species for some time. That’s Peter Ascanius first describe it in the year 1772. Further, the scientific name itself reflects the location at which he found the first specimen.

Finally, this startling creature is not fished commercially. Though rarely seen, experts believe its numbers to be stable. Therefore, the IUCN currently lists it as Least Concern.

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