Meet Teddy Aka Dobby Cat, As Soon As You Take A Look At Those Ears, It’s Easy To See Why.

It comes as no surprise that this majestic Oriental Shorthair from New Jersey has become an internet sensation. With his narrow face, which is very typical of this breed of cat, and ears that look like they are about to take flight!

I took a picture of him, and somebody picked it up from Reddit and it got like a million hits, says Christine Gonzalez, who adopted Teddy when he was a kitten. As a kitten, he looked like an alien with those ears I’ve never seen anything like.

But she just knew Teddy was amazing, and he came to live with her and her other two Oriental Shorthairs, Bindi and Stache.

Whether Teddy is an actual alien or a fictitious character from Harry Potter, we don’t really care, because we think he’s amazing!

If you’ve been inspired by Teddy (and how gorgeous he is!) and if you have a new kitten then maybe you can find the perfect Hogwarts’ character name for them from our list of 220 Harry Potter names for cats here.


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