Meet Smudge, The Confused Cat From The “Woman Yelling At Cat” Meme The Internet Has Fallen In Love With

Not many people have missed the “woman scolding cat” meme featuring a screaming woman, then a white cat in front of a salad.

The cat’s confused face has proven itself to be of infinite relevance for people online, and this meme has popped up on many social media platforms and created many variations of itself.

A simple dinner photo catapulted this cat to the height of popularity and won the hearts of the online community.

So who is the cat behind the confused face? His name is Smudge, he absolutely hates vegetables. According to its owner, Miranda Stillabower, Smudge always has a seat at the table. Otherwise, “he would panic,” she explains.

Something that also spooked him? Vegetables. He absolutely hates them. One night, Smudge slipped into the wrong chair and found himself face to face with a plate of salad. Faced with such a multitude of “disgusting” vegetables, he exudes the awe and disgust we all know and love. Smudge doesn’t mind asking for a seat at the table…

His owner took a picture of his hilarious expression and shared it on social media. Little did they know that he would become a worldwide celebrity.

Now, Smudge has an Instagram page with over a million followers. There, he treats his followers to excerpts from his daily life and reactions to other food groups.

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