Meet Simba, the Young Goat from Pakistan with 19-Inch Long Ears Win Guinness World Record

A baby goat from Pakistan might set the record for the longest ears. Simba, the goat, has managed to gain the Internet’s attention, thanks to the ears measuring 46 cm or 19 inches.

Simba the goat, meaning lion in Swahili, was born in Karachi, Pakistan just days ago, but has already become a local celebrity.

The adorable goat is believed to be around two weeks old and his ears are so long they drag on the floor as he walks.

Simba’s owner, Muhammad Hassan Narejo, is already fond of Simba and said: ‘We hope soon Simba will be a Guinness world record holder.’

Another user observed how Narejo is quite proud of Simba and all the fame she has brought with her. The comment read, “The way he is so proud of his little goat, so adorable.”


A video shared on Twitter by Turkey’s Anadolu agency shows Simba and her proud owner Muhammad Hassan Narejo. The white baby goat has unusually long ears that dangle from her head. According to Geo TV, Simba was born in Sindh province of Pakistan on June 4 and left Narejo surprised with her unique ears. Social media users are equally amazed to see Simba and her ears. Commenting on the video, one user described the animal as “Rapunzel goat.”

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