Meet Moo, The Adorable Dachshund That Looks Like He Has The Body Of A Cow – Dogs

Meet Moo – just about the cutest seven-month-old Dachshund whose fur is adorably mismatched.

His mismatched fur makes him beautifully unique with dark brown and black on his head, and white and black spots over the rest of his body.


His pattern makes passersby look twice to make sure he isn’t wearing doggy pajamas.

Moo has what is known as piebald fur, this results in unpigmented white spots of fur appearing on his natural coat.

“They’re surprised to find that it’s actually just his natural coat,” she said.

More info:
What makes the Dachshund so interesting is that they come in different sizes, hair types, and colors. Although they all have a long body, short legs, and pointed nose, you can find this breed with smooth, wire, and long hair.
The Dachshund was bred to scent, chase, and then flush out badgers, as well as other animals that burrow beneath the ground. In other words, they were initially used as hunting dogs. Today, most people choose this type of pup because they make wonderful companions

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