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Like any other athlete, Khemjira Klongsanun has the right amount of drive and spirit of competitiveness. She particularly enjoys running and has had her fair share of competitions. However, in one of her recent marathons in Bangkok, Thailand, Khemjira showed she isn’t just a good athlete, but she also has a big heart.

Khemjira was seven miles into her 26-mile marathon when she saw the runners ahead of her dodging something in the road. It turned out to be a stray Thai bangkaew breed puppy. It was a 26-mile run and she was just on her 7th mile, but after seeing that little puppy there, with no mother in sight, she couldn’t do anything but save her.

She stopped, picked her up, and brought it with her for the entire marathon. She didn’t leave the puppy to someone in the audience, she carried the puppy all the way to the finish line, forging a bond that won’t be easy to break. Instead of leaving the puppy behind or giving her to someone, she carried the puppy all the way to the finish line.

She finally completed the marathon with the pup in her arms, and she was happy because she rescued the poor puppy.

After the race, Khemjira tried to find the puppy’s owners, but no one came to find her. She concluded that the pup had been abandoned, so she took the pup home with her and named her Nom Chom. The puppy has now a loving home where she will be happy and loved by her new human mom and canine friends.


“It might take a while for him to adapt himself. But Nom Chom is a very smart boy. I’m sure he is going to be happy living with us,” Klongsanun said.

A puppy looking lost at the side of the road made her stop and forget about the competition.


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